Shane Henry


Upon completing my Sports Therapy degree from the University College Birmingham, I was inspired to continue my development in understanding the human body and how to treat injuries through various manual therapy techniques. During my early years as a qualified Sports Therapist I worked in the NHS which gave me an insight into the everyday problems and injuries we all get. I later continued my professional journey working alongside other Health Professionals like Osteopaths and Chiropractors.


I have dedicated myself to helping people become the best version of themselves and push their limits everyday through treatment sessions and personal training programmes. Fascinated by the expertise and precision of my Chiropractor colleagues sparked a desire to delve deeper into health and wellbeing and become a Osteomyologist. Now with added qualifications in Spinal manipulations and the Activator Protocol, I have the opportunity to transfer these skills to further help patients get better quicker.

More about me

Over the years I have treated an array of injuries and a question I always asked myself is, “How can I get this person feeling and being themselves again” We often reminisce about what we did before and its usually when everything felt great. And when we get pain and suffering this all floats away. I am passionate about making a positive impact in peoples lives and watching them return to living life to the fullest.

Why I love my work

I enjoy learning more about the people that come to see me every day and how I can tailor my skills to meet their personal health requirements. Making a difference to someone’s life gives me great satisfaction and learning more skills inspires me to come to work everyday.

What to expect with your massage