Shane Henry

Massage Therapist

Completing my Sports Therapy degree has inspired me to continue my development in understanding the human body and how to treat injuries through various manual therapy techniques. Sports Massage therapy was always a personal favourite subject of mine and I enjoyed it so much I decided to complete a level 4 sports massage qualification in order to strengthen my skills in treating pain and stiffness in the body.

My passion here at Wollaston Spinal Health is to find the methods and techniques to accompany Chiropractic care and aid you to reaching your wellbeing goals.

More about me

I have a keen interest in health and working in the NHS gave me an insight into the everyday problems and injuries we all get. This alongside my love for sport, trends and general health and wellbeing has encouraged me to continue to work alongside health professionals to maximise the results when treating injuries. Along my professional journey I have found massage alongside Chiropractic care yields great results. Reducing tension in muscles helps to take the strain off muscles which in turn will help you to move better.

Why I love my work

I enjoy learning more about the people that come to see me every day and how I can tailor my skills to meet their personal health requirements. Making a difference to someone’s life gives me great satisfaction and learning more skills inspires me to come to work everyday.

What to expect with your massage