Common Chiropractic treatments we treat at Wollaston Spinal Health

The list below is the most common conditions we help our customers with. Our treatments are not limited to those conditions. If you have any questions, or want to know if Chiropractic is suitable for you, please ring reception and we will ensure a Chiropractor rings you back to answer your questions.

low back pain chiropractic
Low Back Pain

It's often very severe and stops general movement, your ability to move, bend or function.

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neck pain chiropractor featured
Neck Pain

Neck pain causes pain anywhere around the neck and shoulders. It often causes neck stiffness.

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sciatica chiropractor

The pain is agony and shoots down the leg, pain usually originating from the sciatic nerve.

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leg pain chiropractic featured
Leg Pain

Pain which spreads down the leg often originating from the LB nerves and even going to the foot.

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headache and chiropractic featured
Cervicogenic Headache

Pain felt anywhere in the head, and often originating from the neck due to nerves and joints in that area.

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migraine chiropractor featured
Migraine Prevention

This is a terrible pain that spreads to the front of your head, and often a dark room helps.

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sports injuries chiropractor
Minor sports injuries

Minor sports injuries can occur suddenly whilst playing any type of sport, especially contact sports or racket sports.

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disc bulge sciatica featured
Disc bulge

Disc bulges or prolapsed discs cause extreme pain both in the low back and often either one or both the legs.

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