Neck pain

neck pain chiropractor

Neck pain, either acute or chronic is one of the top three reasons a patient attends a Chiropractor. It refers to a pain anywhere around the neck (and commonly referring into the shoulders as well). The origin of the pain can be the muscles of the neck, the ligaments, joints, or nerves of the cervical spine.

Neck pain is becoming more prevalent in society due to the increase use of phones, tablets and laptops. As a consequence in Chiropractic we are seeing more patients with neck pain due the bad posture associated with using those devices.

The treatment and examination of neck pain

The first step in treating neck pain with Chiropractic is to first identify the precise origin of the pain. This is done through a detailed medical history and physical examination. Once the source of the pain is determined, a course of treatment can be started to best promote health in healing in the area, and get the patient pain free as fast as possible.

Treatment for acute or chronic neck pain consists of gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustments. This un-traps the neck and improves movement and nerve flow. Additionally soft tissue work such as massage is performed to improve blood flow and promote rapid healing and get the customer feeling better as fast as possible.

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