Cervicogenic headache

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Headache originating from the neck is a condition Chiropractors frequently see, especially in today’s busy and stressful work environment. The nerves in the neck go up the head, and when irritated can cause pain to spread into the head. It commonly starts in the neck and is associated with neck pain and stiffness.

The number one cause of Cervicogenic headaches is stress and posture. Particularly using a laptop or phone throughout the day can predispose the person to this problem. This causes the neck joints to get mechanically locked up and trapped resulting in nerve irritation and inflammation. This will be felt as a severe pain that refers into the head. Often this can be very significant, affecting work, mood, and sleep.

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How to treat Cervicogenic headache with Chiropractic

The treatment consists of using Chiropractic adjustments to un-trap the neck. In doing so the Chiropractor will release the trapped nerves, and help the customer recover and feel better. Additionally, ergonomic advice will be given, as well as stress management advice, in order to reduce the likelihood of relapse which can be common with cervicogenic headache. Our goal is to get all the customers from the local Stourbridge area feeling good and staying good.

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