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Minor Sports injuries

Minor Sports injuries are treated in house by our Chiropractor or Sports therapist. A variety of Chiropractic techniques are used including Chiropractic adjustments, manipulation, mobilising, massage, trigger point therapy, stretches. It’s worth emphasising that at Wollaston Chiropractic clinic we also have an in house Sports Therapist, who works alongside the Chiropractor and complimenting his treatment when needed.

We commonly see people who play racquet sports such as tennis, badminton, or squash. Usually for their upper limbs, or knees and ankles. Often cyclists come in with lower limb complaints, and minor injuries. In the Stourbridge area we often we see customers who play football or rugby. The contact nature of the game often results in minor sports injuries.

How does Chiropractic help minor Sports Injures?

Chiropractic helps minor sports injuries through aligning the spine, and mobilising it. Also by improving nerve flow to promote better muscle function. By using soft tissue massage and stretching we can improve blood flow in the injured region, and promote faster healing in the injured area.

Injuries commonly happen to customers who push their body hard. Our role is to put their body in the optimal condition to heal as fast as possible.

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