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Leg pain Stourbridge trapped nerve

Leg pain

Leg pain can be very debilitating, and is closely related to sciatica. Indeed, the differentiating factor between severe sciatica and leg pain is that the leg pain from sciatica is originating from the sciatic nerve. With standard leg pain the origin of the pain is not the sciatic nerve. Instead it’s commonly the joints of the low back, referred muscular pain, sacro-iliac or pelvic joint pain, or other trapped nerves.

The causes of leg pain depend on what structure is causing the pain. Sometimes it’s caused by bad posture, or ergonomics, or alternatively repetitive actions such as gardening or work. Whatever has caused the leg pain, it’s necessary to determine the origin of the leg pain, in order to give the best possible treatment and promote the fastest possible recovery.

How to treat leg pain with Chiropractic

Once the origin has been determined, a course of care can be embarked on consisting of careful, specific, and gentle Chiropractic adjustments, as well as gentle massage on the low back to promote health and healing and help the patient recover as quickly as possible.

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