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We are able to organise a private MRI scan to better investigate the health of the spinal vertebrae disc’s, and nerves. Any degeneration or bulging of the disc’s shows up beautifully on an MRI scan, and the level of detail is fantastic in comparison to an x-ray. Commonly a lumbar disc prolapse or bulge will cause severe Low back pain or leg pains (sciatica). The gold standard for investigating the disc’s is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI) which uses a super conducting magnet and radio waves to detect water levels inside the body.


MRI scans are commonly used to investigate low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shooting arm pain, or numbness and pins and needles. They help the Chiropractor exactly locate where the problem and pain has originated from, and also create options for other treatments such as lumbar injections, or spinal surgery. Every private MRI scan includes your own copy of the scan that you can keep, as well as a consultant MRI report, of which a copy is sent to your Chiropractor and you.

Private MRI scan
How do I get a private MRI scan, and how much is it?

Any one around the Birmingham and West Midlands area can get this private MRI (usually within 48 hours) for £295 per spinal region including VAT. As mentioned this price includes a copy of the MRI and a report. In order to get this MRI you would need to be assessed by a Chiropractor or Sports Therapist at Wollaston Spinal Health, and we would then provide a referral letter for the MRI scan.


The MRI scanner is located in Solihull in Birmingham, and not far from the common area’s that Wollaston Spinal Health serves such as Stourbridge, Hagley, Amblecote, Enville, Bridgnorth , Dudley, Oldswinford, Wolverhampton, Wombourne, Pedmore, Wordsley.


If any customer or non customer is interested in an MRI scan of their neck or low back or disc prolapse or herniation, please contact the clinic on 01384 443999 and we can organise the necessary referral forms to get you the MRI scan you need.

Oliver Crawford says :

When I started my career 25 years ago MRI scans cost £800. Its great certain institutions have reduced prices to an affordable £270. Some private hospitals still charge over £400, but with the connections we have with local facilities, we can get you a great price on an MRI scan and will typically save lots of time compared to a NHS scan.

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