Chiropractic adjusting

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a treatment where the Chiropractor uses gentle pushes on the spine to un-trap and re-align the joints. As a treatment its a gentle and painless procedure. The goal is to restore nerve flow, and promote health and healing in the body. Chiropractors also use a variety of soft tissue techniques such as massage to help the body heal faster through improved blood flow.


At Wollaston Chiropractic Clinic we also work closely with our Sports Therapists. Especially with customers who have very severe muscle spasm. Typically we help people with low back pain, neck pain, Cervicogenic headaches, Migraine prevention, Sciatica, and leg pain.

Our primary goal is to facilitate rapid healing and symptom relief for the customer. Beyond that we work hard to create a long term improvement in the customer’s spinal health. Typically this is done by giving a bespoke exercise regime to strengthen the spine, and core muscles, as well as improve posture.


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