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Preventing Migraines is a common problem we deal with as a Chiropractor. It’s characterised by a severe pain in the head and often associated with visual changes (also known as auras). Occasionally the patient will experience photophobia, meaning they find bright light unpleasant, and shutting themselves in a dark room is very comforting. The causes of migraine are complex and are related to a mix of genetic and environmental factors. Often there are specific triggers that start migraines such as something the person ate, or even stress.

Migraine prevention is helped by Chiropractic due to gentle Chiropractic adjustments as well as massage on the neck and shoulders (which commonly spasm up). A complex examination is needed by the Chiropractor to establish how best to help the customer. Obviously once treatment is underway, patient education is important to understand the triggers, and prevent relapses of severe migraines. Our goal with every patient it to make a long term change in their health, and customer education is critical when dealing with migraines.

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What can you do yourself to help Migraine?

Understanding your triggers for Migraine is critical in helping the problem. Through education and a deeper understanding, as well as improved spinal health, Chiropractic can work to help preventing further relapses of Migraines.

The treatment of migraine involves gentle, and specific Chiropractic adjustments, as well as careful soft tissue massage to release tension in the neck and surrounding areas.

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