Disc bulge

disc bulge sciatica

A bulging or prolapsing disc is when the inner and more liquid part of the disc pushes through the disc fibres and causes the disc to bulge and compress a nerve. Common symptoms include low back pain, leg pain, sciatic pain, pins and needles, or numbness and weakness. The pain is usually very severe, and often worse on bending, with movement, as well as coughing and sneezing. The cause of a disc prolapse varies from repetitive bending, bad posture, bending and lifting, to traumatic events like contact sports, or a car crash. The negative effects on the disc is typically cumulative. With the disc degenerating for years before it bulges and traps a nerve.

disc bulge treatment
What is the treatment for a disc bulge or prolapsed disc?

The treatment involves very gently removing pressure from the bulging disc prolapse with Chiropractic care. This is done very carefully and with gentle adjustments to un-trap the nerves, as well as soft tissue work such as massage to improve blood flow and promote healing in the body. As pressure comes off the nerve, the symptoms of the disc bulge reduce, and the pain will progressively improve. As a clinic the biggest challenge is the customer not re-aggravating the disc bulge symptoms as they recover with Chiropractic care.

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