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Low back pain

Low back pain (lumbago) is the number one reason people attend a Chiropractic clinic.
The question people want to know is what causes it? The most common onset of pain is due to a bending or lifting injury. This is as a consequence of those activities putting the most strain on the lumbar spine. Activities such as gardening or repetitive activities such as leaning, bending, or digging can cause low back pain. Additionally bad posture and unsuitable ergonomics using a computer or smart phone is also a common source of low back pain.

The origin of low back pain can be from the lumbar joints, low back ligaments, the nerves, disc’s or even the muscles in the low back. In order to give you the best possible treatment a detailed consultation (examination) is necessary to identify the source of the pain. This would consist of a medical history, and an examination to precisely identify the source of the low back pain.

low back pain massage
How is Low back pain treated?

Treating low back pain is usually a gentle process of un-trapping the spine, and improving blood flow in the surrounding muscles using massage. Chiropractors use gentle movements called adjustments which un-trap the spine, and promote healthy movement, and better nerve flow. It’s not a painful process, and our number one goal is to promote health and healing in the low back to get the customer pain free as fast as possible.

Following a complete recovery from severe pain most patients don’t want the problem to recur or relapse. As a Chiropractor we work to stabilise the core and low back muscles to strengthen the spine and create a long term improvement.

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