Tyler Ramian

Sports Therapist

Growing up an avid sports fan - it personally occured to me from quite a young age how frustrating injuries can be at stopping you from doing the things you love most. Not just for your elite athletes competing at the highest level, but also to the general public who may be struggling with the more simple tasks in life, such as going to work, taking the dog for a walk or going for a kick about with your friends.

For me, that is what gets me up in the morning with that extra little bit of motivation, because I love seeing smiles back on people's faces knowing that they are back to their best and their quality of life has improved.

Here at Wollaston Spinal Health, working alongside my fellow Sports Therapists and Chiropractors, I will use my clinical experience to apply my practical skills and knowledge to provide a tailored approach that will suit your recovery needs; whilst clearly explaining your road to recovery with each and every session.